MPI Libraries

At ACTnowHPC, we pre-compile and make available all of the most popular MPI libraries, built with a selection of different compilers.  These libraries are all available through the modules system.  See Using Modules.


ModuleDetailsMore info
mpichArgonne MPICH libraryOnly uses Ethernet, not recommend for use unless you 100% don't want to use InfiniBand.
mvapich2-XXXXOSU's MPICH for InfiniBandSupports InfiniBand and quite popular
openmpi-XXXOpenMPISupports InfiniBand and quite popular

There will be multiple versions of each library installed. If you know you need a particular version, use that one. If you don't have a preference, we always suggest the latest one available.

Building MPI software

To build the software, load the module you'd like to use, and invoke the mpicc, mpif77, or mpif90 compiler.


$ module load mvapich2-XXXX/gcc
$ mpicc -o testmpi testmpi.c

Running jobs with MPI

Make sure you put the module load command in your job submission script

#SBATCH --job-name=MyMPIJob
module load mvapich2-XXXXX/gcc
mpirun testmpi