Storage & Filesystems

When your account is provisioned, a dedicated storage volume is made available to you. The size of the volume allocation varies from customer to customer based on need and the subscription purchased.  Each volume has a name like cust[CUST_ID]_vol[VOL ID].  You can see all of your volumes in the customer portal.

Your home directory

Your home directory is shared and mounted in the same place on your login nodes and all the compute nodes. So if you run a job your home directory space will be the same everywhere.

Your user's home directory is located in one of the volumes created for your account. The path is generally /home/cust[CUST_ID]_vol1/[USERNAME].

If, for example, your customer ID was 55555 and your username was jdoe, your home directory would be /home/cust55555_vol1/jdoe.

You can find the exact location of your home directory by issuing the following command:

echo $HOME
Since your home directory is part of your storage volume, any files or data placed here will be counted as part of your storage allocation.

A shared space for all your users

Since your ACTnowHPC customer account can contain multiple users, we have dedicated a space that can be shared amongst all of your users.  This shared space is located in the volume's root in a shared directory.  If we follow the same examples above, this would be /home/cust55555_vol1/shared.

This space is only shared amongst your users, not all users on the ACTnowHPC system. This is the perfect place to put shared data, applications, code or anything else you need multiple users on your ACTnowHPC system to have access to.

Other filesystems

There are a few other filesystems of note available to you.

/opt/appsApplications we've installed and made available to all users. If you don't see something you need here, ask and we can discuss installing it for you.
/opt/dataShared data that multiple users might need.
/opt/examplesExample jobs, submission scripts, and other useful information.