A support ticket can be submitted to Advanced Clustering Technologies, Inc. by sending an email to support@advancedclustering.com. It will help to provide the six-digit ACT serial number of the affected node, which can be located from any of the following methods:

  • From the web interface: Navigate to the Configuration page, the nodes are listed under the Node tab. The serial number can be found by clicking Edit on the entry containing the affected node and locating its Serial entry under the General tab in the pop-up window.
  • Using the command line utility cv-conf, the node's serial field can be viewed by running:

    $ cv-conf -e node.<nodename>

    Where <nodename> is the hostname of the affected node. Then search for the serial:<nodename> field, again where <nodename> is the hostname of the node.

  • Located physically on the node, there will be a sticker on the front, top, and back of the node that displays the ACT serial number of the node.