Issue all the following commands from your ClusterVisor server system (usually your head node or management node) as the root user

Before upgrading ClusterVisor, it is wise to first make a backup of your setup just in case using:

$ cv-db-image -a -e /tmp/clustervisor-backup.img

Next the node running the ClusterVisor server should be upgraded first:

$ dnf update -y clustervisor clustervisor-server clustervisor-client \

Followed by the compute nodes:

Replace the ‘-g nodes' argument below with whatever ClusterVisor group has all your nodes. You may need to specify multiple depending on your system setup (e.g. -g compute,gpu)

$ cv-exec -g nodes "dnf update -y clustervisor clustervisor-client"

This will automatically restart the ClusterVisor daemons, but if they were not running at the time of the upgrade they can be started using:

$ systemctl start cv-serverd
$ systemctl start cv-clientd
$ cv-exec -g nodes "systemctl start cv-clientd"

Multiple changes were made to cloner, to produce a new cloner installer run the following command after upgrading

$ cv-cloner make-installer --overwrite