Release 0.3.7

The command line utility cv-serveradm was added to make changes to the internal settings of the cv-serverd daemon without needing to restart it.

Release 0.4.0

The Netboot field (found under the Node tab in the Configuration page) has been deprecated and moved to the Boot/Power control page (originally called the Power control page when it only handled power options). The network boot image of a node can also still be changed using the cv-netboot command line utility.

Release 0.5.15

Non-root users can use ClusterVisor in a read-only mode and specific users can be flagged as admin users in ClusterVisor to allow them to use ClusterVisor as if they were the root user (akin to how sudo works from the command line).

Release 0.5.36

The --patch-389ds was added to cv-installer to fix your LDAP server if the SSL certificate expires (by default the SSL certificate is only valid for a few months, this sets it to last multiple decades instead).

Release 0.5.43

Two plugins were added for managing yum/dnf repositories across the cluster. The yumrepo_server plugin creates a local yum repository on a specified node that hosts any RPMs placed in the given directory, and the yumrepo plugin allows admins to manage adding/changing/removing yum repositories across multiple nodes in one location.

Release 0.5.44-1

From here on, the release notes for new versions will be more comprehensive with more details of changes and fixes made as opposed to just highlighting only some of the new behavior added.

New Features:

  • Cloner can now handle out-of-order partitions in disk layout.

  • Added “cv-cloner fix-efiboot” sub-command to change EFI boot order on a node, in the same way it does when a node is being cloned.

  • Added support for config.cloner.global_exclude_paths to exclude arbitrary paths from being included in all cloner images.

  • Added “AutoDetect” option to GRES settings for “slurmclient” plugin.Helpful for AMD GPUs.

  • The “ldapauth” plugin now removes the ClusterVisor sssd configuration file and clears the sssd cache when the plugin is disabled.

  • Server will now keep track of the version of ClusterVisor ever changes along with verifying that the clients use the same ClusterVisor version as the server.

  • Additional logging added to cv-clientd and the other command line utilities.

  • Can now change the status for a chassis in ClusterVisor, this will be reflected in the web-interface along with the “hosts” and “dhcp_dns_server” plugins.

  • The client stats plugin that gather data from IPMI (“ipmi” and “power”) now detect if IPMI device is present, and fail more gracefully if they are not.

  • Added a --stats-timeout option to cv-clientd to stop stats plugins taking too long to complete.

  • Cloner images now always stores xattrs and ACLs (--store-xattr-acls now deprecated).

  • The cv-power utility now has a --serial=SECS flag to run the command in a staggered serial setup to prevent an overload from powering up multiple nodes simultaneously (if needed).

  • Expanded the backup image file from cv-db-image to also include a backup of the LDAP users/groups and Munge key (legacy behavior is deprecated but accessible using the --legacy flag).

  • Added --bootstrap feature to cv-installer to automate reinstalling ClusterVisor with a pre-populated database using an backup image file from cv-db-image (can use legacy image using --bootstrap-legacy).

  • Settings containing passwords will now show up as password fields in web interface to enhance security.

  • The command “cv-cloner make-installer” will now automatically create the appropriate netboot entries for cloner.

  • The cv-conf utility now has an --import flag to run multiple actions using a single command by using a file with instructions as input.

  • Added new Cv-Version header to client requests to server to send the version of ClusterVisor it is using.

  • New “cvclient” stats plugin added to monitor stats about ClusterVisor from the clients, the _timestamp stat has been relocated to cvclient.timestamp, and _version_mismatch stat has been added to show if the cvclient.version does not match with the ClusterVisor version used by the server.

  • Added UEFI NVMe single drive disk layout to installer template.

  • Improved logging from stats plugins to write to log files instead of just silently failing.

Bug Fixes:

  • Server:

    • Fixed bug in sudoers plugin not firing when config.perrmissions.admin_uids was changed.

    • Any setting using a MAC address will now normalize them to have colons if they are omitted upon entry.

    • Fixed edge-case bug for flushing the server cache when any nodes are re-activated after being marked as inactive.

    • Fixed edge-case bug where enable/disable functionality of plugins are not called if it was not in the last position of the list.

  • Fixes for the cv-authsync utility:

    • Will no longer attempt to write to files on the node running the command

    • Prevents situations where root entries could be added or removed from synchronized nodes.

    • Added “authsync_config” field to node configurations to define synchronizing all users or just the root user.

  • Fixed bug where cv-cloner would send a value with an “<“ prefix for the size of logical volumes for LVM partitions to be stored in the cloner disk layout.

  • Fixed issue where ClusterVisor clients would not properly report errors due to the logger not being initalized yet.

  • The utilities cv-authsync, cv-exec, and cv-cp now have the flags --ssh-agent and --no-ssh-agent along with the global configuration under to enable/disable using the SSH agent when sending SSH commands to the other nodes in the cluster.

  • Settings in /etc/sysconfig/clustervisor will be retained after updating the clustervisor package.

  • ClusterVisor daemons will now be restarted if they are running when its packages are updated.

  • Reporting errors about Munge and LDAP from clients are now handled more gracefully.

  • Fixed typos and wording in help text for commands.

  • Help text for cv-cloner made to more closely match the other command line utilities.

  • Using variants for plugins is no longer supported and has been removed.

  • The cv-conf utility now supplies plugin fields when used with the --preview flag to fix incompatibility when using its output with --file for nodes.

  • The cv-clientd daemon can now handle the existence of bond interfaces when gathering MAC addresses from all of the interfaces on the node to identify itself with the server.

  • Fixed inconsistencies with behavior that triggered plugins to fire when changes were made to configuration settings.

Release 0.5.44-2

  • Patches for immediate runtime issues with cv-installer
  • Fixed bug with --auto-install mode for cv-installer in conjunction with new install automation features
  • Fix bug in server that caused cv-cloner new-image to fail when encountering list values

Release 0.5.44-3

  • Added test suite for stats plugins to mitigate against regression during future updates
  • Patches section names to be case-sensitive / always lowercase
  • cv-reconfigure will now always wait for server to finish re-caching plugins before running
  • Added --import to cv-conf and cv-installer for performing multiple changes to server in a single command
  • Added partial support for FIPS mode being enabled on cluster (this configuration is still ill-advised, but this mitigates some issues with ClusterVisor)
  • Added partial support for Ubuntu images into cv-cloner
  • Fixed bug in handling EFI partitions in cv-cloner
  • Fixed bug in cv-cloner for handling software RAIDs and xattributes with system.* prefixes

Release 0.5.44-4

  • Better handles renaming sections by also updating variants instead of just references
  • More bug fixes for cv-cloner handling xattributes for creating, updating, and deploying images

Release 0.5.44-5

The next release will be 1.0.0. The last release for 0.x will be 0.5.44, and this update includes all bug fixes queued up to this point and should be the last major update for the 0.x major version. Any future updates will only be critical bug fixes, all future features and changes will be done in the 1.x major version.

New Features:

  • Added `cv-nodeinfo` to get the CPU, memory, and serial number info about a selected node.
  • Added the `--networking` flag to `cv-exec` to issue the command over a specific network (which is helpful in cases where Ethernet is down but InfiniBand is up).
  • Added the `--dump-groups` flag to `cv-nodenames` to get a list of all valid groups in ClusterVisor that can be queried against.
  • New options for networking plugin to have ClusterVisor only modify ifcfg files for interfaces it manages and/or explicitly picking interfaces to ignore.
  • Root password for cloner initrd can now be stored in config.cloner to persist when `cv-cloner make-installer --override` is run without --rootpasswd.

New Behavior:

  • Section names are now case-insensitive, all names will be forced to lowercase to avoid potential confusion and name collisions.
  • Periods are no longer allowed in section names to prevent buggy behavior in back-end, they can still be renamed and deleted if any still exist.
  • Usage of ${_index} for non-indexed nodes will now throw error instead of silently causing failures in the background.
  • Output from LDAP triggers will now be logged in ClusterVisor's logging directory (by default this is /var/log/clustervisor).
  • Logging for cv-clientd before it communicates with the server will log to /var/log/clustervisor/cv-client.pre.log instead of flooding systemd.
  • Running cv-reconfigure will now wait until caching on server is finished before running to ensure latest data is used.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fixes for cv-db-image and cv-installer for handling legacy image format (as well as clarifications made to help text).
  • Expanded stats plugin tests to a larger coverage to mitigate bug regressions.
  • Fixed bug regression in IPMI stats plugin introduced in earlier release.
  • Fixed bug regression in file sync plugin that caused background tasks to not get occasionally locked and cease running until cv-serverd was restarted.
  • Patch to ldapauth plugin to prevent difficult to diagnose bug if permissions of sssd directories get changed.
  • Fixed bug regression in `cv-installer --patch-389ds` to generate a server certificate that will expire in 20 years instead of only 3 months.
  • Fixed dependency issue throwing error messages for crypto library.