You will need to have the ‘mstflint’ package installed. You can install it with ‘yum install mstflint’ via the CentOS/RHEL base repo.

To start find the PCI device ID of the Mellanox card. 

The PCI ID is the number to the left. The format is XX:XX.X and an example output is: 03:00.0  

lspci | grep Mell

Get the PSID of the card

mstflint -d 03:00.0 q 

Intel chassis cards may need the -override_cache_replacement option added if you get an error. This applies to every mstflint command.

mstflint -d 01:00.0 -override_cache_replacement q

** If the card is a Mellanox brand IB card: Take note of the PSID field and reference that to the firmware download page at (use PSID to find the appropriate firmware) 

** If the card is an ASUS brand, model PEM-FDR, you will need to go to the ASUS website for the current firmware.

** If the chassis is an Intel chassis with an Intel addon IB card, these are Mellanox reference design and firmware can be found at  (use PSID to find the appropriate firmware)

Download and extract the firmware and use the following command to burn the new firmware 

mstflint -d 03:00.0 -i <image name>.bin burn 

If you are doing this in order to try and recover a malfunctioning card, especially if it shows 'recovery' in the output of lspci, use mstflint with the flags below. These flags are suggested directly from Mellanox support:

mstflint -d <mst device> -i <FW image> -nofs -ocr b


Fully power cycle the machine.