Installing Software on ACTnowHPC

We like to keep commonly used HPC applications installed and available for all users on the system.  These applications are stored in /opt/apps.  They are also available via the modules command

$ module avail

My software is not in the list

Contact us at  If the software is open-source, or freely available, we will likely install it for you.  If it's commercial, let us know and we can talk to the vendor to see if we can offer it on our system.

My software is commercial and needs a license

If your software is commercial and is license managed, talk to us at and we can discuss your options.  Your dedicated login node is yours and we can install license managers and licenses on that system for you, or there is the possibility of checking out a license from your existing system.  

I've written my own code

That's great too.  You can run that code from your home directory, or your shared space if multiple users in your organization will need access to it.  See the Storage and Filesystems section for more information about your home directory and shared space.